365 Hunting

Bow Hunting is a 365-day affair and with hard work comes great reward. Here on the Huntline, we take steps to enhance our whitetail deer management program every season. The art of consistently encountering a mature whitetail takes a program of observation, preparation, and readiness from season to season.

Observing deer is key to understanding your herd and the age structure that is present on your property. Trail cameras, cellular trail cameras, binoculars, and spotting scopes all allow for a better way to observe and study your herd.

Bow Hunting Preparation Requires Many Steps

  • We start the year by rebuilding the health and body condition of our Whitetails with Ultimate Antler Deer feed. This is fed from winter through the antler growing season.
  • As spring approaches, food plots with perennial sources such as clover and alfalfa are used to help encourage good fawn rearing grounds.
  • Throughout the summer the protein feeders stay full as we position our tree stands and Redneck Blinds to prepare for the coming fall.
  • During late summer our smaller fall bow plots are planted with wheat and brassicas. At this point we have been watching our game cameras all summer to develop a list of mature trophy bucks and mature management bucks that are going to be targeted throughout the season.
  • By the time Missouri archery season opens here in September, it’s time to pattern out Whitetails on camera and access points.  This helps us choose the best time and locations for deer hunting on any given day.
  • When the Whitetail rut rolls around in November we just make sure we are in the hunting stand or blind capture all the ups and downs. Late in the season we start taking up our stands and picking up those coveted shed antlers for a souvenir of what might become an experience the following season! On the Huntline this is our way of life and we are loving every minute of it.