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Welcome to the Huntline! Watch hours of outdoor hunting episodes available for streaming on demand.

Huntline TV is filmed right here in Missouri, but viewers can tune in anytime right on our YouTube. channel! See new episodes air every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. CST on ABC 17.

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Hunting is Our Passion

On the Huntline we feel that Bowhunting provides an opportunity to view the outdoors in its purest form. Filming our outdoor adventures shows that Archery hunting is a family tradition which can be shared with everyone. Whitetail deer are amazing and elusive animals that have to be carefully managed. We feel that using outdoor video production to capture archery is the most respectful and entertaining form of ethical hunting.

We’re Driven by Love for the Outdoors

Our founder, Dr. Sam Barnhart is a veteran of the outdoors and a native of Missouri. After falling in love with deer hunting as a child, Sam decided to try his hand at turning passion into profit by starting an outdoor production business. He briefly dabbled in amateur videography, then decided to buckle down with a video-editing course to refine his skills. Sam later went on to film what at the time he didn’t know would be the first season of Huntline TV.

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